How to have a premium megaupload account

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Hi, this is my first english article. I've decided to expand my blog project even in english beacause i assume i can have a lot of english users.

Ok, let's start with the article. Everybody knows how to use megaupload and what this name suggest, but just a few people learnt how to use it as well as possibile.

Noone wants to spend cash for download file from Megaupload, even if his price for a month's premium account is very cheap (9,99 or something like that).

Maybe because people download file because they don't want to pay for them, then why pay for a download?

I've discovered a megaupload service for who is registered: every download of one own file is one point earned.

When you've got a lot of points you can charge 'em with a premium account or - with a lot - some cash.

It's tempting but it's no easy.

You have to know a lot of people, upload the right files and let know the internet population about you megauplaod link, using forums or social networks.

So...upload! =)

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