Think about the Future, A waste of time

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By the way...everything is an useless perspective of what will happen after.

Every your action, every your feeling are just telling you what is going to happen. If you see an apple falling down a tree you're still know its end. there's something about physic, i suppose.

On the other hand you know just that is going to happen a thing, but you don't know what. Here's the problem. If you could know every form of the future you can handle your present actions in the right way, in a way with which things will better.


But the ordinary man doesn't think about the future, or he thinks about it in a wrong awful way. He's worried even about things that don't need to be worried about and he doesn't notice that he's wasting his time. 


On the whole, time is as receding as important. If you don't mind about wasting time, you can start building you own vault right now. Here's the other problem of the contemporary society. The waste of the time.


But what is a waste of time, after all? if you spend you evenings with the girl or the boy whom is in love with that a waste of time? If you spend the whole night having sex with yourself, with your feelings or with your that a waste of time? 

I think that spend a day washing your body and your mind is less useless that a day spent following a politic speaking about what you have to do for him in a magic way that let you know just how to rovine yourself.


Just chose, how have you spent your time today? was it a waste of your precious time? Think about it.

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